The best of intelligence & ignorance.
A trans-genred hype band hailing from Greensboro, NC now residing in Atlanta, GA.
Sounds like a multiple eargasm incorporating thought-provoking topics not limited to social equality, body positivity, cultural appropriation and drug culture.

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Karen Lee, Carolina Music Storm on WUAG 103.1 FM, Greensboro, NC
 "geeKs & azWHOLEz propels me into a frenetic dream, glues me on the ceiling and then throws me down on the floor with finesse....only to pick me up and begin again. WHAT A RIDE! Love these guys." 

Ryan Snyder, Yes! Weekly

"Frontman Beast epitomizes the duo’s hyphy weed rap and Beastie Boys-inspired instrumental, stoner-funk dynamic, one moment break-dancing between verses, the next laying down groovy basslines and then sprawling across a barstool while swimming through the imagined space of Uniqkewayz’s ethereal beats...It can get a little weird at times, but hey[...]they’re building something here."

geeKs need love too. Join our email list & download a free track!

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